Race: dwarf

	intelligence    :  average
	strength        :  excellent
	constitution    :  excellent
	charisma        :  good
	dexterity       :  bad
	wisdom          :  poor

Night vision: excellent
Day vision: poor

Dwarves are short, stocky fellows,  easily identified by their size and shape.
They average  4 to 4 1/2 feet  tall and have rudy cheeks,  dark eyes, and dark 
hair.  Their body is  stocky and  their  endurance is legendary.  Dwarves  are 
especially  proud of  their  long  beards and  their great  craftsmanship with 
metals. The dwarven race has spawned  the greatest of all smiths.  Their skill 
in forging  weapons and armor is unsurpassed, as is their greed for gold. They 
are   able  warriors,  brave to a  fault,  good  choppers,  stone-cutters  and 
They are a bit resistent to heat, cold, poison and disease.
Their  most  famous  weapons are  axes  of any  kind on  which they  gain more 
Most occupation for dwarf is Mercenary, Paladin, Druid