Race: troll

	intelligence    :  poor
	strength        :  superior
	constitution    :  superior
	charisma        :  good
	dexterity       :  bad
	wisdom          :  inept

Night vision: excellent
Day vision: poor

Trolls are extremely huge and strong creatures with large muscles, pointy 
teeth, big horns and a lot of hair all over their body.  They are nearly 
always in a bad mood. Most races shun them because of this.  Trolls are by far
the strongest and the dumbest race available in this game. They make excellent 
fighters and lousy magicians. They are by far the toughest and strongest race 
in the game and heal real fast.
They like twohanded maces and gain more experience on them.
They are a bit resistent to cold, heat, disease, poison and shock.
Most occupation for troll is Mercenary, Paladin, Druid