Race: hobbit

	intelligence    :  average
	strength        :  poor
	constitution    :  bad
	charisma        :  good
	dexterity       :  superior
	wisdom          :  good

Night vision: good
Day vision: bad

Hobbits  are short , generally  plump  people,  very much like  small  humans.
They  grow to be an  average  three to three and a half  feet high.  They  are
sturdy and brave.  Their  faces are round  and broad  and often  quite florid.
Their  hair is  typically  curly and  the tops of  their feet are covered with
coarse hair.  Their prefer  not to wear  shoes whenever  possible.  Their feet
are  very  well  accustomed  to this  as they sport a leathery  sole  and  are
covered  with  thick and bushy hair.  Hobbits rarely wear beards and generally
prefer short-cut  hair.  They (mostly)  are not an  adventurous  people.  They
enjoy their  burrows, like to  farm and  sit  together to tell stories.  Their
greatest pride are their beautiful  gardens and the good tobacco they produce.
Hobbits generally mistrust outsiders and foreigners and shun  them most of the
time. A hobbit  needs six  meals a day  to be happy and  a comfortable  bed to
sleep in.  Those few hobbits  who  chose to  be  adventurers  are mostly  very
talented thieves. Because of their small size and their low  strength, hobbits
are not  very well  suited to be fighters.  One of  their  favored  sports  is
tossing rocks (with or without slings) at distant targets -- consequently many
hobbits are deadly shots both with slings and thrown rocks.
They like knives on which they gain more experience.
Most occupation for hobbit is Thief, Druid