Race: elf

	intelligence    :  excellent
	strength        :  average
	constitution    :  inept
	charisma        :  good
	dexterity       :  good
	wisdom          :  excellent

Night vision: good
Day vision: average

Elves are of  slender build,  nearly six feet 10 inches tall and generally have 
golden or auburn  hair  and amber or purple eyes.  Their ears are very  pointed
and their skin is very fair.  They live in the forests where they like to hunt,
frolic,  engage in musical and romantic affairs and generally have a good time.
They  tend to shun  the other races,  partially because of their  arrogance and
partially because  they have had conflicts with most other  races in their long
history.  Elves tend to regard all the non-elven  races as lesser beings,  more
closely  related  to  animals  than  to  True  Beings,  as  they  like  to call
themselves.  They balance with a greatly enhanced agility and magical powers of
which other races only dream.
They restore mana points faster then other races.
Most occupation on elf is Mage, Druid, Healer