Race: barbarian

	intelligence    :  poor
	strength        :  excellent
	constitution    :  excellent
	charisma        :  good
	dexterity       :  good
	wisdom          :  poor

Night vision: good
Day vision: poor

Barbarians originate from the north cold plains.  They mostly are the enemy of
many  of  the  intelligent  races,  as  they  enjoy  plundering,  killing  and
spreading  havoc  in  general.  Their muscles are growing and moving much more
faster than their cerebration. They  can  be  also  easily  very  sturdy.  The
average barbarian is six to seven and half feet high, weighs 170 to 210 pounds
and  have  skin  tawny by north wind. They are definitely dirty and their life
style is also barbaric. Their eyes are full of hate and stupidity. 
Most occupation for barbarian is Mercenary, Warlock, Paladin, Druid