Race: human

	intelligence    :  bad
	strength        :  average
	constitution    :  average
	charisma        :  good
	dexterity       :  good
	wisdom          :  excellent

Night vision: average
Day vision: average

Humans are the most  generic of  all races. They tend to be adaptable , suited 
for every  profession and  generally well  equipped.  While humans do not have 
any other special advantages, they don't suffer from any disadvantages either.
Human  form  is  where  the  term  "humanoid"  comes  from.  Humans  have  two
arms, two legs, and stand near two meters high.  Their skin comes in varying
shades from light tan to dark brown, with visible hair of all colours
only on the top of their heads.
They are used to use short/broad and longswords and they more experience on
Most occupation for human is Paladin, Druid, Thief, Warlock